Andrea Büttner «Beggars»

German artist and 2017 Turner Prize nominee Andrea Büttner examines depictions of beggars in visual culture in an artist’s book about poverty, art history, theology, and the politics of social benefits.
Büttner, whose work addresses notions of shame, vulnerability, and dignity, presents a recent series of woodcuts, as well research conducted at the Warburg Institute in London, including sixteenth-century vignettes from the Liber Vagatorum and a visual essay on the iconography of shepherds and kings in nativity scenes.

With contributions by Andrea Büttner, Anne Carson, Christopher P. Heuer and Linda Nochlin

Design by Quentin Walesch, Lucas Liccini

24 x 17 cm, 308 pages, color ill., softcover
Koenig Books
ISBN 9783960983439
CHF 52


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