Who we are and what we do

Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen has a particular position within the Swiss art scene: it can be described as the smallest of the larger institutions for contemporary art or – conversely – the largest of the smaller exhibitors. This is where opposing opportunities, expectations and emotions meet and mix.


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Location for the production of contemporary art and artistic experiments

Our major interest is to serve as a platform for the work of artists which we consider to be relevant to current discourse. We aim to help them in terms of content and financially in the realisation of new productions and appropriately present and convey their artistic approach to our public. 


In addition, we see it as our task to inspire artistic impulses on the spot which contribute to the international networking of the Swiss art scene, publish catalogues and promote the general communication of contemporary art.


As a platform whose agenda radiates openness, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen aims to propagate an open concept of art and pose questions about current artistic production of a young generation of artists as well as to take up socially and politically relevant themes. We are convinced that art is an important instrument for both the celebration and the questioning of complex relationships: we aim to confront our audience with this complexity. Furthermore, we do not forget our geographical surroundings in our programme. With artists we attempt to master the balancing act between local requirements and global ambitions by using St. Gallen and the region as a starting point and a context for content and to involve specialised partners on the spot in our productions.


From wandering association to renowned institution for contemporary art 

Like other Swiss institutions for contemporary art the Kunst Halle was founded in the mid-80s to satisfy the increasing requirements of the local art scene for exhibition opportunities, professional networking and an intellectual exchange of ideas – in other words to make the vitality of the local art scene visible and palpable and to create an identification platform. This pioneer phase, which took place all over Switzerland and served for the establishment of contemporary art as an irreplaceable cultural phenomenon in the public mind, was followed by years of constant further development and professionalisation in which Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen went from being a wandering association without fixed premises to a renowned institution for contemporary art.